Duplicate from Active Database

Been trying this out over the past few weeks and seems to work well - once you have a few pre-requisites set up (and got the channel allocation correct)

First create the appropriate directory structures on your standby box for your datafiles

Then create an spfile on the standby (this step is important - if you let it default it bombs out with errors)

Then create a password file on both sides

Then connect to both target (primary) and auxiliary (standby) via @ syntax - a 'local' connection does not work - i.e. using ORACLE_SID

rman target=sys/password@primary auxiliary=sys/password@standby

Then go into rman and run:

run {
   allocate channel p1 type disk;
allocate auxiliary channel s1 type disk;
      duplicate target database for standby from active database

Job done - easy!


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